Sunday, April 7, 2019

Infinity War directors delete Instagram post, claim it’s the Avengers 4 title. See screenshot here

Infinity War directors delete Instagram post, claim it’s the Avengers 4 title. See screenshot here

Avengers: Infinity War directors put up a picture on Instagram, said it was the title reveal for Avengers 4, and then promptly deleted the post. Marvel fans lost it. Check out the screenshot here.

Chris Evans as Captain America in a still from Avengers: Infinity War.
It’s easy to forget, especially after their incredible success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that Infinity War directors Russo Brothers were initially known for their work in sitcoms. But they pulled a new prank on the easily excitable Marvel fanbase on Thursday, when they posted a picture with the caption ‘A4 title reveal’.

The brothers deleted the post, possibly counting on someone to take a screenshot, which is exactly what Reddit user MoriartyTheGreat did. You can check out his picture here.
The image appears to be of a sign for artist Yayoi Kusama’s installation at Houston, called ‘Infinity Mirrored Room: Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity’. This got fans speculating what the title could be. Avengers: Eternity and Avengers: Aftermath were the top picks on Reddit.

Marvel chief Kevin Feige had previously said that the title for the film would be revealed closer to Captain Marvel’s release, or at the end of 2018. Still, fans were expecting something at the recently concluded San Diego Comic Con, where the Russos pulled yet another prank on them.

The most recent title rumour, however, came at the end of May. That rumour suggested that the film, which will be the 22nd in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was called Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet during production. Whether or not this title was retained is unconfirmed.

MCU Cosmic reported that Infinity Gauntlet was the only consistent title used by the cast and crew during the back-to-back filming of the two Avengers movies.

The rumoured title is a reference to Thanos’ weapon, the gauntlet that gives him the power of destroying half the universe, which is exactly what he did at the end of Infinity War.

The biggest indicator that this could very well be the title came when Zoe Saldana inadvertently blurted it out on the red carpet for Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. “We all have to go back for Gauntlet later this year,” she said. Her statement is notable for two reasons. One, of course is that she might have revealed the super-secret title, but also because her character, Gamora, was killed off in Infinity War. Since it has long been rumoured that the surviving Avengers would use the Time Stone to travel back in time and perhaps save their fallen comrades, could this mean that some form of resurrection is in store for Gamora?

However, the most credible title leak came in July, when Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War cinematographer Trent Opaloch shared his list of credits on his website, under which the most recent entry read, Avengers: End Game.

Opaloch, who has been a regular collaborator of the Russo Brothers, has since edited the title to simply, Avengers 4.

Excitement around the fourth Avengers film is exceptionally high. The film is the highly anticipated conclusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a follow-up to the $2 billion-grossing Infinity War.

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